Wednesday Addams

As a fictional character created by Charles Addams, Wednesday Addams appears in both animated and live-action formats. Wednesday is the only daughter to Morticia and Gomez. She is sister to Pugsley and Pubert. Although at different times, Christina Ricci and Joel Glicker are seen to like Wednesday and they are seen as her boyfriends.

Why the name “Wednesday”?

Wednesday and other members of her family had no names when they first appeared in the New Yorker. When the characters got adopted to the television series in 1964, Charles Addams named Wednesday based on the popular traditional nursery rhyme line that Wednesday’s children are full of woe.

Her appearance and personality

Wednesday is notable for her long dark twin braids. She is generally pale and shows emotions of bitterness. She wears a black dress with a white collar and a pair of black stockings and black shoes. Wednesday’s favorite hobby is raising spiders. She is seen to like painting pictures, including pictures of human heads and trees. She is also dedicated to writing poems to her favorite pet, the spider.

Wednesday’s personality is severe and sadistic. She also shows a deceptively strong personality when she bought her father down with judo. She has a deadpan wit and an abnormal character of trying to cause harm to her brothers Pugsley and Pubert. This child of woe is delicate and wan. Her quiet character is that she loves outings and picnics to the underground caverns. Wednesday seems unprivileged. Besides, she was like no other, having six toes on one leg.

Is her personality consistent?

Wednesday is a consistent character whose skills and personality does not change with the demands of the plot. She retains both her appearance and her taste of darkness and torture. She is forbidding, cruel, intelligent, and solemn. She could also be perceived as a psychopath. Wednesday’s skills demonstrate her leadership capabilities. She confidently handles medieval weapons of torture. She is just a serious girl who wants to keep her creepy family together.

Well, Wednesday doesn’t seem to develop in the course of the story. Apart from having her first boyfriend, there are no other significant changes. The bulk of the storyline portrays Wednesday as making concerted efforts to remain the same. Thus, she doesn’t learn anything new; rather she is inclined to resist pressure and change, thus intentionally remaining the same.

Her response to gender stereotypes

Concerning gender stereotypes, Wednesday is a rebellious character. The personality she depicts is that you could hardly expect from a young girl. However, the traits don’t make her a bad character. Although she enjoys doing the horrible things, it is made clear that deep down she is a good person.

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