Brown Spots on Feet?

Spots on the feet can be caused by many different conditions. If the brown spots are on the top of the feet, it may be freckles. For some people, liver spots also show up on the feet which are completely harmless. These spots occur in people who are over forty years old. When the brown Read More

What are brown spots around your ankle?

Brown spots on the ankle should be looked at by a doctor. This may require a dermatologist as well to make sure there is not something wrong with the skin on the ankle. This could be sun spots or an old bruise as well. Photo Credit: source Resource: What are flat brown spots on hands Read More

Brown Spots in Mouth?

Spots in the mouth can be a result of many different conditions. One cause of brown spots in the mouth that is harmless, and completely normal is one’s ethnic background. Skin pigments can change even inside of the mouth. Some people have even had freckles inside of their cheeks. If the individual uses tobacco products Read More

Brown Spider with White Spots?

To identify a brown spider with white spots you also have to notice other aspects of the spider. You have to see if they have any distinct marks or see how many legs they are. Another way to identify a spider is by the region they are found in. Photo Credit: source Resource: how to Read More

Bronkaid for Weight Loss?

Bronkaid is a drug used to treat asthma. It has bronchodilation properties through the use of Ephedra Sulfate, which was a commonly used stimulant for weight loss. However, the effects of Ephedra Sulfate and Hydrochloride have been known to cause heart attacks and were pulled from the civilian market. It is not recommended for use. Read More

How Do Broken Bones Mend?

Broken bones go through a process called osteogenesis. In this, osteoblast cells generate new bone. They use this new bone in order to mend the fracture or break. Reference: Photo Credit: link Resource: Which bone classifications are trapezium? – How do Broken Bones Mend? – How does a Broken Bone Heal? – Read More

Broken Toe Tape?

To tape a broken toe is easy. All you need to do is take medical take that of course is water proof. Hold the broke toe against the toe beside of it and start taping. You can replace the tape as needed. Photo Credit: link Resource: how to tape a broken toe? – how Read More

How to Heal a Broken Sternum?

The Sternum is the bone which acts as the foreman of the rib cage. It is the point of attachment of all the ribs, in the chest portion of the body. In order to heal a broken sternum, it is important that bodily movement are limited. Icing of the region is also recommended. Proper posture Read More

What Causes Broken Blood Vessels?

Bumping into things can cause broken blood vessels. A broken blood vessel, such as those in the wrist, may appear as a bruise. Or, they might appear as a ‘blood spot.’ Most of the time, broken blood vessels are nothing more than a cosmetic problem. Reference: Photo Credit: Source Resource: What Causes Broken Blood Read More