Blisters on Face?

Blisters on the face can happen to anybody, but primarily happen on those that have chronic health problems, epecially those that have poorly functioning immune systems. They are called bullus, and have a thin layer over the top and red skin surrounding them. Blisters on the face are caused by viral or bacterial infections. While Read More

Why Are the Veins on Your Hands and Arms Bulging and Blue?

There are many reasons as to why the veins on a person’s hand and arms are bulging and blue. The natural reason is due to the fact that they are closer to the surface of the skin. However, if they are too blue or bulging, there may be a medical condition. Reference: Photo Credit: Read More

BOD Pod Locations?

Bod pod can be defined as one of the most safest way to determine lean body mass. Locations of the therapy sites are numerous depending on where an individual is based. To acquire information about your nearest Bod pod location visit the Bod pod website. Photo Credit: Link Resource: how to cheat the bod pod? Read More

Blood Enters the Lungs from Which Chamber of the Heart?

A human heart has four chambers. Blood passes through each of these chambers.The blood enters the lungs from the heart through the superior vena cava. After the blood is oxygenated, the pulmonary veins carry the blood back to the left atrium. Reference: Photo Credit: source Resource: When blood leaves the lungs what chamber of Read More

How to Blow up a Balloon with the Mouth?

The phrase, ‘blow your load in my mouth’ refers to a type of sexual interaction where a woman is performing oral sex for a man. During oral sex, when a man ejaculates most prefer that a woman swallow his ejaculate or his load. For men, it is a symbol that a woman accepts all of Read More

Blood Flow to Kidney?

Blood flow through the kidney is done at a very fast rate. Bood in the abdominal aorta get in the kidney through the renal artery. The renal artery separates into segmental arteries, which separate into lobar arteries. The lobar arteries separate into interlobar arteries and the interlobar arteries divide and move between the cortex and Read More

Blue Sclera Causes?

Blue sclera is characterized by the white part of the eye having a blue coloration. This condition is caused by osteogenesis, a condition where the bones become very brittle. Reference: Photo Credit: Source Resource: What causes blue sclera? – What causes blue sclera in osteogenesisis imperfecta? – What causes blue sclerae in Read More

Blister in Back of Throat?

The blisters on the back of your throat may be one of many illnesses. It may be a due to a common viral sore throat, strep throat, or mono. These cases clear up within a week. It may also be an early stage of cancer. Whatever it may be, it is still best to consult Read More

Blue Star Ointment Ingredients?

Blue Star Ointment is used for dry skin, ringworm, mosquito bites, and jock itch. It was invented in the 1920s. It is made of menthol and antifungal ingredients. Photo Credit: Source Resource: What is blue star ointment? – What ingredients are in the blue star ectasy pil? – What are all the ingredients Read More

Blown Pupil?

A blown pupil seems to be larger than usual. This is sometimes referred to as a fixed or a dilated pupil. The pupil does not respond to light in any way. Photo Credit: source Resource: how to care for a cat with a blown pupil? – WHAT IS A BLOWN PUPIL? – Why Read More